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playing with shadow and light

The Equinox is a special moment of balance and transition that has been celebrated by cultures worldwide for centuries. At our community, we honor this tradition by incorporating the interplay between light and dark, day and night, into our exquisite design concepts.


As you explore our SHADOW, LIGHT, and ECLIPSE design concepts, you'll notice how each one beautifully captures the essence of this balance. All great art understands the dance of this duality, and to bring our vision to life, we worked with interior designer, Ashley Paul of Stella Interiors to bring this understanding to life.

Screenshot 2023-05-01 at 9.34.21 PM.png

The "LIGHT" concept offers bright, sun-soaked spaces, perfect for basking in the delights of daylight.

The "SHADOW" concept captures the mystery and allure of night, creating a cozy and intimate setting

 The "ECLIPSE" concept includes shadow and light, offering a perfect balance of both.

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